Biodegradable sponges nonabrasive scouring pad dishwashing cellulose sponge with Sisal Fiber Scrub


Sisal Fiber Scrub Cellulose sponge for All Purpose Dish Washing is made from wood pulp, and the small holes inside them help to absorb liquid and hold it inside the sponge.


Strong water absorption, hydrophobic and easy to dry

Honeycomb texture,

quickly absorb water,

restore softness,

squeeze out the water to reduce volume,

dry and odorless

Natural sisal wood pulp cotton Clean decontamination magic wipe



  • Natural wooden pulp
  • Strong water absorption
  • Not oily
  • Easy to dry

Double-sided composite material

Biodegradable, no burden on the environment


Sisal+Scouring pad

50% Degradable


Wood pulp cotton 

strong water absorption

rich foam

anti moldy


Product Specification


Description:Sisal Plant-Based Sponge Scrubber Non-Scratch Eco Friendly, 2 Side Cellulose and Sisal for Nonstick Cookware, Glasses, Dishes.

Material:Natural Cellulose Fiber+Sisal Plant

Density:100 kg/ m³

Shape & Dimensions:Customized

Color :Colorful   Yellow / Pink / Blue / Green / White etc.

Technics:Cut to size, Die-cut, Compress, Expand to required  when hydrated

Application:Household cleanings, Kitchen washing, also used an oil remover in the painting industry.

Delivery Time:10~15 days after order confirmed

Packaging Details:

 1.PE heat sealed bag 

 2.Self-adhesive OPP bag 
 4. Paper box Or advised by customer




1. Great for cosmetics, general cleaning, crafts, painting, and more

2. The practical size and easy to cut

3. Handy for the kitchen drawer, glove box, boating & more

4. Durable quality; Rinse and reuse

Reusable Luffa Loofah Sponge Dish-washing