Surgical Tray Corner Protector

  • Prevents holes, tears or rips in the corners of the wrapped surgical trays
  • Open cell foam creates a soft barrier to protect sterilization wrap from sharp corners
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs created by contaminated surgical trays. Average savings is $40 per contaminated tray
  • No more double wrapping of trays
  • Cost effective solution



Disposable Tray Corner Protectors are intended for use with surgical trays to prevent the tearing of the sterilization wrap and to protect the corners of the trays from damage.



The corner protectors do not need to be cleaned or disinfected prior to use.

1. Place the corner protectors on the top and bottom corners of the tray before wrapping with sterilization wrap. Once in place, wrap the tray according to standard wrapping procedures.

2. The corner protectors can be sterilized according to the parameters detailed below. The corner protectors and tray surface under the corner protector will be sterile.

3. The corner protectors are designed for one time use and should be disposed of after use. There are no special disposal instructions.

Protectores de esquina para bandejas quirúrgicas reticulados (juego de 4)

  • MATERIAL éter de poliuretano de celda cerrada
    DIMENSIÓN 6 * 6 * 1.25 "y 6" x 6 "x 1 5/8"
    PESO alrededor de 12g
  • Se producirá un contacto apropiado del esterilizante en la superficie de los protectores de esquina, así como en la superficie de la bandeja debajo de los protectores de esquina:

    Tipo de ciclo


    Tiempo mínimo–

    Ciclo completo


    132 ° C

    (270 ° F)

    4 minutos


    121 ° C

    (250 ° F)

    30 minutos

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