If you are concerned about the amount of water your cat drinks or the cleanliness of the water in its bowl, a cat fountain can be a great addition to your home. 
Not surprisingly, some pet owners prefer ceramic dog fountains. In this category we found one in the Pet fountains. This is a multi-level drinking fountain that provides your dog with easy access to water.

Keep your pet water fresh and clean with replacement foam filters from PUSPONGE.


Foam filters collect animal hair and other waste and release the water at the bottom of the well. They also help to pump the fountain to maintain its flow.
Replacement Filter Foam is easy to use, easy to clean.


Sizes and shapes can be customized, suitable for various Pet fountain models, Fresh air machine, Air heater , Steam exhaust air, Aquarium filter.

Replacement Foam Filter Fit for Pet Fountain keep cat's water clean

Color: blanco

    Product name

    Replacement Foam Filter Fit for Drinkwell Pet Fountain Foam Pre-Filter 


    Pu foam


    per the requirements


    in sheet or per the requirements

    Hole size



    mildew-proof,filter,dustproof,dedusting,and absorption and last long.


    1, factory direct sell, professional manufacturer
    2, good air permeability
    3, good limpness
    4, high mechanical strength


    Pet Fountain Filtration,Swimming pool, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Cleaner, Fresh air machine, air heater , steam exhaust air, Aquarium filter,
    filtering to smooth, filter Mechanical accelerating


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