Porous Reticulated Foam Gutter Filters


Since only a handful of debris can clog your rain gutters and leave your home unprotected against the damaging effects of water, it is vital that your gutters remain free-flowing year round. You can STOP cleaning your gutters forever when people install their Porous Reticulated Foam Gutter Filters gutter protection system.


The only way to guarantee that your gutters remain to clog free every day of the year is to have our gutter guard system installed on your home. Porous Reticulated Foam Gutter Filters by The Gutter Guys comes with a lifetime no-clog warranty and will protect the wood on your roof and fascia from deteriorating. Avoid the aggravation of slippery sidewalks, cracks in your foundation, potential injury, and replacing decorative landscaping with the only permanent solution, Porous Reticulated Foam Gutter Filters.


Porous Reticulated Foam Gutter Filters, base on filter sponge, also known as reticulated foam sponge, is a porous, low-density, reticulated flexible polyester/polyether urethane foam sponge. With an open cell structure and three-dimensional skeletal strand structure. Available in pore size grades from 10PPI through 60PPI, in sheets or roll form.


Filter foam sponge can be widely used in daily life and industry such as communication equipment, home appliances, automotive industry, air-conditioner industry, hardware industry, medical equipment industry, instrument tools, bags, furniture, children’s educational toys, physical education equipment, house wares and so on.


It’s divided into beginning effect filter foam sponge, amid effect filter foam sponge and high effect filter foam sponge according to the porosity and usage. Concretely, it can be used in filtering,dustproof,dedusting and adsorbing, etc.


Filter foam sponge operates as a depth-loading filter, as opposed to a surface-loading filter, essentially trapping dust particles within its cells.


The cell structure of filter foam sponge is remarkable in that each cell has a dodecahedron shape (12 sided), the cell’s walls or “struts” are comprised entirely of organic polymers (polyurethanepolyetherpolyester) & the empty space or “windows,” between each strut, comprise 95% - 98% of the filter sponge’s mass.

The size, shape & distribution of cells within filter foam sponge can be manipulated during manufacture to provide precisely the desired porosity level, measured in PPI or pores per inch.

Filtros de canalón de espuma reticulada porosa