How to save 30% of your costs? Buy cellulose sponges of the same quality as 3M.

Compressed cellulose sponge is tremendous house savers that emerge as gentle and pliable when moistened—ideal for residence cleaning, getting rid of or making use of cosmetics, facial cleansers, masks, Etc.

Think of a cleansing sponge, and you are probable to recall a photograph of a manufactured cellulose sponge. These sponges are some of the most frequent cleansing sponges on the market. They frequently come in shiny colorings and are typically formed as rectangles or ovals.

Cellulose sponges are very inexpensive. They take in and maintain liquid properly and can be closing thru some fairly complex cleansing jobs. Cellulose sponges work correctly on several surfaces. They can even reduce into smaller sizes to grant more excellent makes use of out of every sponge.

Cellulose sponges are made from wooden pulp, and the small holes inner them assist take in liquid and keep it internal to the sponge. These sponges are smooth internal their sealed packaging because they are typically handled with a cleaning soap that maintains them pliable and continues micro-organisms from developing the interior of the package.

Cellulose sponges tend to entice residue and particles, so they can be challenging to rinse out thoroughly. These identical particles can reduce the existence of the sponge. Cellulose sponges need to in no way be used to wipe up an uncooked egg or raw meat juices. For these jobs, an extra disposable paper towel is a higher option.

Cellulose sponges work properly on dishes, countertops, loo surfaces, and daily spills.

What’s the distinction between our cellulose sponges and these different cleansing sponges, any different cellulose sponges?

Ordinary cleaning sponges

are regularly, however, no longer usually made from one of Mother Nature’s least favored substances: oil-based, landfill-clogging plastic. Let’s say you toss one perchance germy plastic polyether or polyester sponge in the trash a week. It’s no doubt a safe, hygienic move, however this skill that a year’s well worth of sponges will be taking up landfill area for upwards of 52,000 years. Your residence may also be spotless; however, the mess you’re making in landfills will by no means go away in your lifetime.

Also, even if you purchase antibacterial sponges. Avoid them. Most have been handled with the antibacterial/antifungal agent triclosan, an environmentally hazardous pesticide that’s been wreaking havoc on aquatic ecosystems for some time now.

This leaves us with cellulose sponges. Our pure cellulose sponges are made from a hundred percent Canadian timber pulp. Despite cellulose, sponges are a bit higher priced than everyday cleansing sponges. But you ought to be capable of discovering them with no actual problem. Although human-made, they’re a long way extra “green” than plastic ones considering they biodegrade in landfills and go thru a ways much less poisonous manufacturing process.

Probably, many humans used to assume that pure cellulose sponges are very expensive, or if being made at a decrease price, the pleasant will be unfavorable.

Fortunately, yep, now I convey to you GOOD NEWS, PUSPONGE cellulose sponges are developed and produced all through ourselves, with performances close to the identical as 3M’s.

However, the COST just about 70% of 3M’s!

PDF • 386KB

You can download our CELLULOSE SPONGE MSDS report.


1. High flexibility, eco-friendly.

2. Very nicely absorbability and launch capacity.

3. Close to most pinnacle excellent with a most beneficial price.

4. All dimensions and shapes can be customized.

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